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Beyblade Burst: Rise (Season 4)

Beyblade Burst: Rise (Season 4) English Episodes Download [1080p]

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Series Info

Name: Beyblade Burst: Rise

Season No: 04

Episodes: 26

Release Year: 2019

TV Channel / OTT: Netflix

Language: English + 4 more (German-Spanish-Spanish-French)

Quality: 1080p | HEVC WEB-DL

Credits: SHIRT

Encoding Credit- Toonworld4all

Synopsis: Valt Aoi, an elementary school student, starts practising Beyblades, spinning tops enchanted with magical spirits of different creatures, to work his way up and become a world class player.

Beyblade Burst: Rise [Season-04] Episodes:

Episode 01: Ace Dragon! On the Rise!

Episode 02: Abracadabra! Wizard Fafnir!

Episode 03: Dragon vs Fafnir!

Episode 04: Inspiration! Challenging Valt!

Episode 05: All-in! Judgement Joker!

Episode 06: The Final Hand!

Episode 07: Bey Carnival! Epic Final!

Episode 08: Dante vs Delta!

Episode 09: Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!

Episode 10: Flash of Light! Shining Crux!

Episode 11: Battle in the Skies!

Episode 12: Spin! Advance! Survive!

Episode 13: The Final Stage! Facing Aiger!

Episode 14: Shining Bright! Hyper-Flux!

Episode 15: Invarsion! The New King!

Episode 16: Rebirth! Comand Dragon!

Episode 17: Genesis in Motion!

Episode 18: Dragon vs. Apocalypse!

Episode 19: Dragon vs. Genesis! [Updated]

Episode 20: Rebirth! Master Devolos! [Updated]

Episode 21: Ultimate Creation! Eclipse Genesis!

Episode 22: Shining Ashindra!

Episode 23: Dragon’s Ultimate Awakening! 

Episode 24: Rising Ferocity! Tag Battle! 

Episode 25: The Greatest Tag Battle Ever! (NEW!!)

Episode 26: Rising Friendship! Master Dragon! [Season Finale] New

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