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Shinchan Uncensored Uncut

Shinchan Uncensored Uncut Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download [360p, 480p, 720p HD]


Shinchan Uncensored Uncut Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download [360p, 480p, 720p HD]

An Animation series following the adventures of a 5-year old boy named Shin-Chan, living with his family and friends in the Kasukabe city of Japan.

Quality: HQ 576P

Language: Hindi

Name: Crayon Shin Chan

Release Year: 1992

Encoding Credit: TOON ANIME INDIA

Episodes List:

Episode 1  – Running an Errand | Mama’s Mornings are Busy | Doodling 

Episode 2 – Tricycles are Fun | My Stomach Is Going to Burst | A Nightmare for Dad

Episode 3 – Watching Action Mask | School Lunch is Fun | Going to the Dentist

Episode 4 – The Sunflower Class Gang | Going on a Picnic (Part 1) | Going on a Picnic (Part 2)

Episode 5 – Going to the Movies | A Good Boy`s Present | Lending a Hand

Episode 6 -Tidying Up | Raising Poletads | Bathing with Mom

Episode 7 – Disaster Drills Are a Nightmare | I found a Puppy | His Name is Shiro

Episode 10a –  A College Girl is My Friend

Episode 47c – Elevator girl 

Episode 143c – Kawaguchi and Matsuzaka-sensei’s date 

Episode 213 –  Christmas Party with Schoolchildren | Selling Christmas Cakes | Looking Forward to My Present from Santa 

Episode 246 –  I Invited Trouble | Mom Takes a Leave From the Housework | Providing the Tofu With Security 

Episode 253 – I’m an Expert at Curries | Heroine of justice: Nene! | Himawari is Locked in the Car 

Episode 322 – Enjoy Japanese summer with edamame | I Will Wear a Traditional Dress | We’re Making Pasta 

Episode 364 – Miss Yoshinaga Has Doubts About the Wedding | Today is the Wedding | Miss Yoshinaga Lives Like a Married Woman

Episode 400 – Prologue | This Shortcut is Longer

Episode 402a – We Have a Hotline to Our Neighbor

Episode 552 – White is also fashionable | I want to eat Yudofu

Episode 554 – Mom is raising a child | I went to a women’s college again

Episode 559 – Mom is a cleaning expert | I’m going to buy a new car <-NEW !!

Episode 560b – Dad’s important shirt <-NEW !!

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